Our Pledge

To make environmental initiatives a core part of our work by giving back 5% of profits to environmental protection organizations that are solving global environmental and social development challenges.

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Our Awareness

Zyyo is actively “building green” to push migrations of our impact into the community.

Our Sustainability

Zyyo employs adaptive building practice to their projects, resulting in long-term lasting effects.

Our Efficiency

Zyyo’s developments are designed to leverage the surrounding natural environments, to better optimize performance.

Our Commitment

Throughout the development process, we commit to only investing in environmentally conscious projects that align with Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Water Usage

Reduced water required for showers, bathrooms, laundry and more

Waste Reduction Tactics

Minimized commercial waste, and educational content for personal waste

Energy Efficient Design

Sustainable mechanical, electrical, plumbing and insulation

Minimized Carbon Footprint

We focus our development efforts on sustainable prefabricated modularity

Positive Community Impact

Community engagement, local investment and streetscape initiatives

Ongoing Site Evaluations

Maximized occupancy and meaningful activation means no unnecessary development

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